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About the site

ColTheConqueror.com is the most comprehensive database of eating challenges and eating competitions in Australia and New Zealand. It was created by Australian competitive eater Col the Conqueror .

Its goal is to be the go-to place for information about competitive eating in Australia. This represents hundreds (thousands?) of hours of research, so if you find it useful please leave a comment or send a link back. This site will be methodical (though not perfect) in citing and linking to the work of others, and I would appreciate the same in return. Thank-you! :-)

The content represents a vast investment of my time. I am not financially gaining from the site, and am committed to keeping it ad-free. I request that if you use the content or find it helpful for your own article/website/etc., that you send a link back and credit me for it. More generally, if you like the site, I’d like to hear from you! Suggested improvements are also welcome.

About Australian competitive eating

It’s a fairly small scene in Australia, when compared to the U.S. and Japan which have been the dominant countries since the modern movement (“sport”) began a few decades ago. However I am convinced it is growing rapidly. A number of emerging Aussie eaters have produced YouTube channels, Facebook pages, etc. documenting the sport. A small number have started flying for competitions :)  The number of restaurant challenges is increasingly sharply as of late 2013, as are contests and prize monies. There are some talented eaters here, often with speed/pace approaching that of top U.S. eaters, I believe.

About the author

This site is the work of “Col the Conqueror”, who in a fictional alternate reality goes by “Colin MacLaurin” and is a Masters student in physics at the University of Queensland (UQ). He lives in Brisbane. He is a knowledge junkie, and is slowly developing several other websites to articulate his obsessive interest in various arcane branches of knowledge :)

I enjoy networking, so if you’d like to try an eating challenge with me it won’t hurt to ask. I have appeared on national ABC News, Brisbane radio station 96.5FM twice, and was filmed for Melbourne’s C31 Media Matters. Also a forthcoming article by David. Also available for any media questions or appearances.

-Col.  Contact me.

2 comments to About

  • Peter Wotherspoon  says:

    Good afternoon Col,

    By way of introduction my name is Peter Wotherspoon and I am the Development Officer for Act for Peace which is the international aid agency of the National Council of Churches in Australia. http://www.actforpeace.org.au

    In 2014 Act for Peace trialled a new fundraising event called Ration Challenge where we asked 100 people to eat the same rations as those provided to refugees from Burma who are living in camps on the Thai / Burma border. The Challenge was for 7 days and raised over $60,000. http://www.actforpeace.org.au/Get-Involved/ration-challenge-2015

    The Ration Challenge not only surpassed our expectations in its first year but on Friday 20th February Act for Peace was presented with the following awards at the Fundraising Institute of Australia Conference.
    • Category Award: Special Events (under $5m revenue)
    • Principal Award: Most Effective Creative Campaign

    The 2015 Ration Challenge will be held during Refugee Week, from 14-20 June and entrants will receive a parcel with the exact same food rations that a refugee receives in the camps: rice, flour, salt, fish, split peas and oil.

    The objective of the Ration Challenge is for participants to raise money over the duration of the week from friends and family with all funds raised going towards assisting those suffering from conflict and natural disasters.

    Col, I am currently trying to promote the 2015 Ration Challenge and I would appreciate it if you would consider assisting by listing our event on your web site to encourage participants to register.

    This event could be considered as a reverse challenge for food lovers and an excellent way to assist those most in need.

    Thank you for considering this request and if you require further information please do not hesitate to contact me on Mob 0413507476 or Email pwotherspoon@actforpeace.org.au

  • Col  says:

    Hi Peter, the “Ration Challenge” sounds like a fantastic idea, and I’d love to get involved. I have signed up on your website. Cheers!

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