Pizza Hut Browns Plains

Sunday 6th July 2014 Location: Australia<-Brisbane<-Queensland

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Eating buffet
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Browns Plains is home to the only all-you-can-eat Pizza Hut in Brisbane. There used to be a lot more.

Crescenzo, Dan, and Col the Conqueror  paid a visit on Thursday 3rd July 2014. We paid $12.95 for a “Works” lunch, superb value!

Over a casual 2½ hours, Col the Conqueror  ate 1.6kg for 20 slices of pizza, 80g per slice, although I picked bigger than average slices as they often had thick crust. 400g salad bar. Total of 715g dessert over 4 bowls. Pizza is definitely the most difficult per weight. Just over 2.7kg.

Col the Conqueror’s  tips: Lunchtime Monday to Friday is the cheapest. The pizza doesn’t feel so good after a while.


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