Leopard Lodge

Wednesday 5th February 2014 Location: Australia<-Perth<-Western Australia

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“Elephant Rump” steak eating challenge
Restaurant/venue: Leopard Lodge
Booking: ? Also check limited opening hours
Address: 336 Karoborup Rd, Carabooda WA open in Google Maps
Contact: website , Facebook 
Food: 1kg steak + sauce + choice of 2 side dishes (optional?)      (no total weight listed)
Time limit: unlimited
Cost: (no cost listed)
Reward:wall of fame, and certificate
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Leopard Lodge is an African themed restaurant on the northern outskirts of Perth. There is no mention of a time limit for the “Elephant” Rump challenge, and I would guess there’s no need to book for the challenge itself either. It started around July 2011 apparently, based on their website photos  and also the earliest Facebook photos  (despite the folder name).

One food critic gave high praises of the restaurant in a 2011 review . He wrote “The inside is virtually a re-creation of a safari lodge in 1955 in East Africa”, and had grown up in Africa himself. He and one companion enjoyed steaks “cooked exactly to specifications – magnificently charred outside and wonderfully tender and flavourful”, although these were presumably not 1kg. The challenge size steak cost $48 then.

The menu  explains all steaks come with a choice of 2 side dishes: roast vegetables, baked potato, mielie pap (similar to polenta), beer battered chips, or yellow rice (and formerly mashed potato); as well as a selection of home made sauces.

Col the Conqueror’s  comments: Creative challenge name. This challenge is pricey, for a minimal reward. If you’re after a delicious meal at a unique and classy venue, and don’t mind paying for it, then it sounds perfect. If you’re after a budget meal with chances of winning a good prize, then it’s not for you.


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