You may also contact me via my Facebook page Col the Conqueror .

If you are a restaurant/festival/organiser submitting a challenge or event, here are some ideas of details you could include. Even just a few will be helpful:

  • Challenge name
  • Restaurant name
  • Description of challenge - food type, size/weight if you know it, etc.
  • Cost
  • Reward
  • The record time (or quantity), if any
  • When it started
  • When it ended (for defunct challenges, which I also want!)
  • Availability, e.g. any time, Mondays only, etc
  • Booking - do you require advance notice for the challenge, or can people just rock up?
  • Estimated success rate, if it's been going for a while, or whether it is undefeated
  • Other, e.g. media reports