Siripanna 2014

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Siripanna Villa Resort & Spa
Festival/restaurant: Siripanna 2014
Resort: Siripanna resort 
Booking: unknown if notice required
Address: 36 Rat Uthit Rd, Wat Ket, Muang Chiangmai City, Thailand (map marker is more precise) open in Google Maps
Contact: (resort website , resort Facebook )
Food: pizza      (no total weight listed)
Time limit: 30 minutes
History: Started 2012 and is ongoing. resort started 2012 and is ongoing
Cost: free!
Prize:10,000 baht credit at the resort, all-you-can-eat pizza for a year
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The 3rd annual pizza eating competition at Siripanna resort in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand, was held on Sunday 20th July 2014.

In addition to the regular prizes, in the adult division Col the Conqueror  won a bonus 5,000 baht cash ($165) for breaking the record.

See article  announcing the upcoming competition.

Thailand TV channel 3 reported on the competition:

Translation by Akarin (with editing by Col):

“The next news comes from Chiangmai in northern Thailand. There was a pizza eating competition held at Siripanna Resort. The competition was divided into 2 groups, under 12 years old, and over 12 years. There was no restriction on nationality, gender or age. The people who could eat the most within 30 minutes would be the winners. Pizza was served with 6 slices per tray. But each slice was an unusual size, they were very large!!! Finally, the winner for this year was a tourist, 32 year old Australian Mr. Colin MacLaurin. In total, he ate 24 pieces of pizza, or 4 entire trays. Many people were surprised that he did it. Just 1 or 2 slices is enough for normal people, and more than 3 slices can cause indigestion. But Colin ate a total of 24 pieces! `I think he won’t need to eat anything tomorrow’, our reporter said.”

Col the Conqueror’s  comments: This was a fantastic competition, one of the best competitive eating events I’ve ever been to! As one Western reporter said to me, the Thais will turn anything into a party. The attendance was huge and the organisation impeccable. Thank-you to Tar Promnil who translated many of the announcements for me. He ate an impressive 20 slices. Admittedly the pizza itself was not to my taste, with just ham and lots of cheese for topping.


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🏆 2nd(image) Tar Promnil , date unknown. Consumed 20 slices .
🏆 1st(image) Col the Conqueror , date unknown. Consumed 24 slices , broke the record!