The Pub

Monday 11th August 2014 Location: Asia<-Thailand

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Yorkshire Pudding Eating Contest
Host/venue: The Pub
Booking: unknown if notice required
Address: 189 Huai Kaew Rd, Muang Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai, Thailand (map marker is more precise) open in Google Maps
Contact: website , Facebook 
Food: Yorkshire Puddings      (no total weight listed)
Time limit: 60 minutes
Cost: (no cost listed)
Reward:(none listed)
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“The Pub” offers a bar, restaurant, and accomodation in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand. It holds an annual Yorkshire Pudding Eating Contest in June (Yorkshire pudding  is an English dish).

2014 was the 11th annual contest, so if no years were missed it must have started in 2004.

The record of 43 puddings was set in 2013.

2014 – Event was held on Friday 20th June. Their newsletter  reports Paul Curry won, by eating 41 puddings. Big Dave came 2nd. A total of 295 puddings were consumed. See pics  and publication .


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