Isaac H-D

Thursday 2nd January 2014 Location: Australia<-Newcastle & surrounds<-NSW

Stage name: Isaac H-D
Day-to-day name: Isaac Harding-Davis
Home: Central Coast, NSW, Australia
Strengths: speed, quantity
Height: (unknown)
Weight: (unknown)
Age: (unknown)

Isaac H-D (Harding-Davis) is a competitive eater from Ourimbah in the Central Coast region (just north of Sydney) in New South Wales. His forte is speed, and he has good capacity also.

Isaac is a newcomer to the scene, having started in late 2013. He is aged 18, as of 2014.

He uploaded a YouTube video of himself eating a McDonald’s Happy Meal in 24 seconds or so. This was at the same time as the online comp “The Take Away Series”. He followed this up with winning a hot dog eating competition in the Central Coast, and a burger competition on the Gold Coast, winning big prize money and taking out established eaters in both cases! :)

Isaac is passionate about fitness, his main sport being boxing.


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(image) 10 Cheeseburger Challenge  on 2013-12-28. Consumed  in .

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