Takeru Kobayashi

Friday 7th March 2014 Location: Asia<-Japan

Name: Takeru Kobayashi
Wikipedia article: Takeru Kobayashi 
Home: Nagano, Japan
Strengths: (none listed)
Height: 173cm (5′8″)
Weight: 58kg (128 pounds)
Age: 41

Takeru Kobayashi is a competitive eater from Japan. He is one of the best in the world, and dominated in the early 2000s.

His home town is shown on the map, however he may live in the United States now.

At the time author Jason Fagone met him, Kobayashi had a girlfriend Kumi Ozeki. His manager was Bobby Ikeda. Marina

Col the Conqueror’s  comments: From my experience (around 2012, 2013) in Australia, Kobayashi is the best known competitive eater – at least vaguely. People often mention “that skinny Asian/Japanese guy eating the hot dogs” in response to mention of my hobby.


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Map of competitions & home town

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