Tar Promnil

Monday 11th August 2014 Location: Asia<-Thailand

Name: Tar Promnil
Home: Chiang Mai, Thailand
Strengths: quantity
Height: (unknown)
Weight: (unknown)
Age: (unknown)

Chaturayut Promnil (or Tar for short) is a competitive eater from Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. He has impressive results from the Siripanna pizza eating competitions.


Found 2 entries . In future, these will typically be added by the eater themselves. Please notify the food police  about any breaches of ego

🏆 2nd(image) Siripanna 2014 , date unknown. Consumed 20 slices .
🏆 2nd(image) Siripanna 2013 , date unknown.

Map of competitions & home town

Note: Personal location of competitive eater is shown to the nearest city only

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