This is an early testing phase. By signing up, you will receive emails about new content, and your feedback will help this site improve further. If anyone wants other feed types, like RSS or Atom, send a request for future implementation.

For now, just send a message via the Contact  page with the following info:

Name: (first name or nickname is fine)
Location: (list area(s) you want challenges and event content from: e.g. World, Australia, NSW, Qld, Sydney, inland Qld, etc. This must be one of the existing location categories)
Profiles: Yes/No (new competitive eater profiles, independent of location)
Overviews: Yes/No (info about national chains)

If you simply want all content, just say so.

2 comments to Subscribe

  • Will  says:

    All content :), thanks bro

    • Col  says:

      I’ve added you Will, and will email you about more details

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